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Qarbotech develops a biocompatible solution that increases the photosynthesis rate of leafy plants, thereby shortening crop cycles and increasing plant growth.

Our Product

Improving Photosynthesis for Global Nutrition

Our patented technology is a biocompatible approach that speeds up leafy plants’ photosynthesis. This promotes plant growth and shortens the crop cycle. For indoor farms, we can also assist you in precisely optimizing the amount of fertilizer used in your farms as well as the use of grow lights.

The Issues

The environment has suffered greatly from decades of industrial farming. Synthetic fertilizers and chemical pesticides pollute water, soil, and human health. These traditional industrial farming practices serve mainly to increase crop yield. However, plant growth is also restricted by inefficient photosynthesis. If we can improve the efficiency of photosynthesis, we will be able to promote more efficient farming.

Other industry efforts to increase plant photosynthesis rate revolve around genetic modification and complex biotechnology. In contrast to those efforts, Qarbotech employs a novel yet simple approach to improving photosynthesis via its patent-pending bio-based solution.

We can achieve sustainable consumption and production while increasing agricultural productivity by increasing photosynthesis efficiency. In order to ensure good air quality, plants and trees play crucial roles in sustainable cities.

Increasing photosynthesis efficiency will also have a significant impact on carbon dioxide reduction as a greenhouse gas in cities.

The solution

Qarbotech has developed technology that can increase photosynthesis in plants by 30%. This equates to a 30% increase in plant growth, a 25% decrease in crop cycle, and a 20% increase in fruit sweetness.

QarboGrow is the industry’s first photosynthesis enhancer. Drought resistance has been demonstrated in QarboGrow-treated crops. In countries where there is less sunlight, it might help the agricultural sector.

QarboGrow can also improve fertilizer efficiency. This will help to avoid excessive chemical release into the environment.

Qarbotech Secures US$700,000 In Seed Funding, Grants For Photosynthesis Enhancement Tech


Qarbotech raises funding for its nanotech solution that boosts agri productivity

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By enhancing the ability of leaf cells to absorb light and transform it into energy for improved photosynthesis, QarboGrow stimulates them.

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