The Impact

Optimization of fertilizers reduces the excessive release of chemicals into the environment

To date, we have produced and sold about 7000 liters of QarboGrow to home gardeners and agropreneurs, helping their plants remove an additional 1.3 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Impact Metrics Include

No hunger

Healthy Communities And Cities

Number of towns and cities that use our product, which subsequently improves air quality.

Responsible Use And Manufacturing

We want to inform and raise awareness among the general public, agricultural entrepreneurs, and local governments about the value of using the photosynthesis enhancer. It not only prevents the excessive release of chemical fertilizers, which causes water and soil pollution, but it also reduces CO2 greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere. We hope that using our photosynthesis enhancer in agricultural practices will become the norm for all agropreneurs and urban farmers, as well as municipalities in maintaining city landscapes, gardens, and parks.

Another goal is for projects that use our photosynthesis enhancer to qualify as carbon offset or credit programs.