About Harvast

Harvast is made with a technology that uses a special organic compound with properties similar to chlorophyll. Harvast’s technology increases plant photosynthesis by 30%.

This results in a 30% increase in plant growth, a 25% reduction in crop cycle, and a 20% increase in the sweetness of the fruits (pineapple). Drought resistance has been proven in crops treated with Harvast.

In nations with less sunlight, it may help the agricultural sector. Harvast is made from biochar, a byproduct of the palm oil industry.

How does Harvast benefit your plants?

Proper Use Of Water
Proper Use Of Water

Harvast-sprayed plants recover faster from stress, such as a lack of water.

Add More Light
Add More Light

Plants sprayed with Harvast capture up to 30% more light than normal plants, according to our research.
This increases photosynthesis and growth.

Take In More Carbon Dioxide (Co2)
Take In More Carbon Dioxide (Co2)

According to our research, plants sprayed with Harvast absorb up to 30% more CO2 than normal plants.
For growth, CO2 is converted into carbohydrate.

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